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CSCS Classes

My CSCS curriculum is what I am most proud of. CSCS stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is the baseline for a qualified strength and conditioning coach. The first question I would imagine you have is why do your coaches need this? From an administrative standpoint, your weight room liability insurance will be decreased dramatically if coaches become CSCS certified. From a performance standpoint, your athletes will be trained by individuals that are highly qualified, something only 5% of schools in the nation can claim. From a moral standpoint, your athletes will be trained in a way that will optimize their chances of going D1 and set them up for a healthy and long life. Furthermore, you can advertise this! You can boast to boosters, local businesses, parents and collegiate teams that you are doing something very few schools in the Nation have done. What's the catch? Well, the Exam is not easy and this will not be handed to you. 

When I created the curriculum I kept reminding myself to think of someone who has no knowledge of the Sports Performance field and only 1-2 hours per week to spare. So, I kept coming back to the fact that the entire course has to rely on repetition. The whole goal of the curriculum is how can I arrange the topics and sections in an appropriate way to maximize the amount of repetition I can give in order to aid in learning. Furthermore, I purchased every available practice Exam and looked for trends on what is tested the most and the least. As a result, the curriculum is strategically arranged to maximize repetition and exposure while minimizing the time burden; during this process, I also have shifted importance of topics to directly correlate to the frequency at which they are tested on. This is all to say the curriculum puts the students in the best possible position to pass this Exam without requiring a massive time burden or a large amount of existing knowledge of the field. 

General Format: 

  • 45 Classes- Most schools have chosen to do this in a weekly form, thus, 45 weeks long. 

    • However, we can front load this over the summer when people have more time, as well as take weeks off during the school year if a large majority of coaches are coaching Fall Sports for example. ​

  • Typical Class/Week

    • Prior to the class, each student receives a "weekly handout" which contains all the information we will cover in class. This is typically extensive as it acts as a continuous reference for the students, however, I bold and underline information that is most relevant for the Exam and should be given emphasis. ​

    • During class, which is typically an hour, we do 45 minutes of new material and 15 minutes where of review. This review is where we make a lot of improvements. Review is catered to the class. If a week prior everyone struggled on questions relating to biomechanics and neuroendocrine physiology, then we will emphasize that for the following week and in the future. 

    • Following the class, a weekly quiz is released relating to the new material we covered. All these questions are created by me and designed to be more difficult than actual CSCS exams, but also have some hints in order to guide thinking. 

    • At the end of each chapter, we take a large review quiz that is actual previous exam questions and gives students exposure to actual questions, while helping guide me for future review questions. 

    • Throughout this process I typically send out 1-2 emails/week. These emails typically summarize previous questions, further emphasize which topics are the most important, and allow me to give information for those students who have the time and want to learn more. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

I cannot emphasize enough how much I prioritize the symbiotic nature of our relationship- my goal is not to simply provide a service for your school, it is to put each and every one of your athletes into the best situation on the field, in their collegiate hopes, and for the rest of their lives.

As a result, there are numerous contingencies in the contract in order to protect you and your school/team as I am that confident you will be more than satisfied with my services. 

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