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Physical Education Consulting

In the last few years a lot of High Schools have started incorporating strength and conditioning into their PhyEd classes. Whether this is an elective for PE, or it's own standalone elective class, I am here to help in anyway possible. I have only taken on one client relating to this, but it's been a great process so far and they are very happy with what I have done.

My approach for PE training revolves around setting kids up for a healthy life. There's two initial main aspects to this: Building a strong foundation capable of withstanding weight training, and growing exercise banks. To summarize this, it is simply doing things the right way. It is focusing on building a strong frame and high competence in a weightroom before focusing on adding muscle, strength, and power. Furthermore, a lot of these kids simply need to learn how to lift and exercise. Initially, I prioritize eccentric training as this is the best way to grow the mind-muscle connection and teach kids to feel their muscles lengthening and contracting. I also incorporate a lot of exercises that have been shown through iEMG data to have high muscle activation patterns in order to help strengthen this mind-muscle connection. This teaches kids how to lift as it teaches them how to feel the muscles they want to contract, and then properly contract them. If I have a kid deadlifting that doesn't know how to "tighten his lats," chances are he's either going to get injured or never properly progress through the lift while making appropriate gains. 

Along with doing the programming for these young lifters, I also include a lot of aides for the PE teacher. I feel these aides are so important because in addition to instructing the teacher how to properly teach these lifts, it also includes cues for students who are struggling, and progressions for students who are exceeding. I feel this is so important as it allows the teacher to "buy-in" and use their own discretion in training, and thus demonstrate more passion in implementing my programs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I cannot emphasize enough how much I prioritize the symbiotic nature of our relationship- my goal is not to simply provide a service for your school, it is to put each and every one of your athletes into the best situation on the field, in their collegiate hopes, and for the rest of their lives.

As a result, there are numerous contingencies in the contract in order to protect you and your school/team as I am that confident you will be more than satisfied with my services. 

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