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My services revolve around utilizing the specific situation you and your school/team are in order to make training as specific and unique to your individual school/team. As a result, I pride myself on building a comprehensive relationship with my clients in order to completely understand the unique goals you have for your school/team. 

Basic Sport-Specific Programming

Implementing A Collegiate Strength Program

This is taking the first step to building a top-tier strength and conditioning program.


In addition to doing programming, I meet with the relevant staff every other week in order to implement improvements and address hurdles as they arise and to optimize training. This is where communication and efficiency becomes essential, and I emphasize constant communication between the staff and myself. 

The goal here is to not just aimlessly follow the programming I provide, it is to optimize our training outcomes and put our athletes in the best position to succeed on the field and go on to play collegiately. 

The most basic of my services is my programming. This is catered to the logistics of your schedule, the strengths/weaknesses of your team, and the equipment/space your weight room has access to. 

Includes strength training, sport-specific training, agility training, and cardiovascular training. 

For schools/teams that don't have consistent access to a weight room, ask about how we can implement training into your practices.

CSCS Curriculum

I will train your staff members to become Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. This 12-month curriculum is specifically optimized to allow individuals without the proper background knowledge to take and pass the CSCS Exam. 

The curriculum is created through a comprehensive outline of every topic that is covered on the Exam, then weighed accordingly to it's anticipated prevalence on the Exam through averaging the frequency of questions in the numerous practice Exams I have access to. 

Curriculum consists of an hour and a half of the students (your staff) time each week: 15-minutes to review study sheet before meeting, one-hour meeting consisting of 40-minutes of PowerPoints with a corresponding study sheet, 20-minutes of working on problems together, then a 15-minute quiz to be completed before the next meeting. Curriculum also includes numerous practice tests and every bit of material needed to pass the Exam. 

Physical Education Supplementation

I will do the strength and conditioning for PhyEd classes that have a strength and conditioning component. This comes with numerous aides in order to (1) help the PE Teacher "buy-in" and feel as if they are apart of the process, and (2) too ensure the students are given proper guidance to build a necessary base for lifting and healthy lifting habits. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

I cannot emphasize enough how much I prioritize the symbiotic nature of our relationship- my goal is not to simply provide a service for your school, it is to put each and every one of your athletes into the best situation on the field, in their collegiate hopes, and for the rest of their lives.

As a result, there are numerous contingencies in the contract in order to protect you and your school/team as I am that confident you will be more than satisfied with my services. 

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