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Sports Performance Consulting

My Sports Performance Consulting refers to working alongside Schools/Teams existing strength and conditioning personnel, and elevating it to a collegiate level. 

At it's base, I provide the programming for your school/team. This programming is extremely specific and unique to your individual circumstances, equipment, logistics, and goals as possible. Through proper communication and an extensive new-client questionnaire, I learn as much as I can about your situation.

There are different levels to my Sports Performance Training. 

  1. Basic Programming: This is exactly how it sounds- I provide the programming to your institution, we go over it together, and then I provide some aides to help you implement the training.

  2. Non-Weight Room Sports Performance Training: For schools/teams that do not have access to a weight room, we get creative in implementing sports performance training. The goal here is to seamlessly implement training into practices in order to elicit training adaptations that would not have been seen if the team simply practiced as normal.​​

  3. Programming + Meetings: This is the next step and is highly recommended for those who want a top-tier strength and conditioning program. In addition to providing the programming, I am essentially on your staff. I am always one email away, and we meet every other week. The goal here is to not just aimlessly follow the programming I provide, it is to optimize our training outcomes and put your athletes in the best position to succeed on the field and go on to play collegiately.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I cannot emphasize enough how much I prioritize the symbiotic nature of our relationship- my goal is not to simply provide a service for your school, it is to put each and every one of your athletes into the best situation on the field, in their collegiate hopes, and for the rest of their lives.

As a result, there are numerous contingencies in the contract in order to protect you and your school/team as I am that confident you will be more than satisfied with my services. 

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